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Let's all Laugh at West Ham.
The club that just keeps on giving!!!  Big Grin


(09-27-2016, 03:51 AM)Harry Hotspur Wrote:

Let's face it. They had to move ground for self-protection in the hope that it would take a couple of years for the Millwall fans to find them. Smile
West Ham unable to provide Chelsea's 10% away allocation for the EFL Cup... because they don't have enough toilets..

I thought the whole stadium was one big toilet..

Do Chelsea fans need more toilets than other fans? Smile
Is this the replacement of there first team !.

West Ham United 'delighted' to add West Ham Ladies to 'the family'

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[Image: _91758615_westham_donotuse.jpg]
West Ham Ladies play in the FA Women's Premier League Southern Division
West Ham United have taken over the running of the ladies' club, saying they are "delighted" to bring it into "the West Ham family". 
The Hammers were last week accused of sex discrimination by Stephen Hunt, chairman of the ladies' club. 
West Ham said they will now work in unison with the ladies' team to ensure key improvements are made.
Vice-chairman Karren Brady said the Premier League club are "passionately committed to equality".
She added women's football was a "high priority on our agenda".
Hunt had told BBC Sport that West Ham should "start to act like a 21st century club" and claimed they had stopped his team from finding sponsors, adding the ladies were short on funds because they had to buy their own kit.
In response, West Ham claimed Hunt had "refused to align" with their principles.
The ladies' team, who this season celebrate their 25th anniversary, play in the FA Women's Premier League Southern Division. 
Brady added: "The addition of the ladies into the West Ham family is the solution my board and I have long sought. 
"Not only does it secure the long-term future of the ladies' side, but also guarantees current and future supporters, players and staff of the ladies' team will form an integral part of the club's bright future as we move forward."
As part of the agreement, the West Ham Ladies' Academy will also be managed by the Premier League club.
Shame their away today....Hilarious
Arriving at the lane today...Looks like some of their fans arrived at the beginning of the week..


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No you don't you little pikey feek off back to ya mum..

we rent a fishbowl in stratford...


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