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English Premier League
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Chat about English Premier League here Smile
Well I'm a noob on this thread lol. Very excited for the new season but at the same time relaistic that my team Brighton are the favourites to go down again but hoping they can of course prove the pundits wrong but enjoy the ride as they say.

Not going to be able to make as many matches this year due to finances, £50 for a Citeh ticket (I know it's the Premiership) and work/health reasons but at least I know there will be a stream available .

I think City are one of the favourites for the title and it will be a tough game for us to start with to get some sort of result, ever the optimist me.

Can see Manchester United doing well this year now new players especially Pogba have settled in. Chelsea of course will be there too. Liverpool and Arsenal, Spurs fighting for it too and it could be a lot closer than last season.

Anyway good luck all and bring it on.
Funny thing Jake, I just stuck me head in to see what this thread was about lol.
(08-12-2017, 12:31 AM)Zola Wrote: Funny thing Jake, I just stuck me head in to see what this thread was about lol.


Missed the game last night but what a start to the Premiership season, think that was the first time Arsenal have won their opening game for a long time.
Talk of Conte being sacked is pure nonsense. They almost pulled back a point when down to 9 men.

The Arsenal match was back to the old "Wenger In", "no, wait a minute, Wenger Out" no wait.... Smile
Biggest win  in 3 years ish , not a bad start to the season  by United  Smile
New season and like you say Wenger was biting his nails again, never going to change unless they win every game, not going to happen with Sanchez still not sure about staying.

United looked good and it did make me laugh the so called BBC sport pundits writing off Lakaku in the live text, 10 minutes later he scores. The team has been lacking a striker banging in goals for fun and it looks like he is linking up with the midfield already. Matic was brilliant and able to be more aggressive than at Chelski.

Liverpool stays the same with players wanting to leave , I don't know why it's not all sorted out beforehand as at the end of the season the lost points can make such a difference.

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