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Arsenal 17/18
Arsenal come back to beat Leicester 4-3 a good game fast moving chances missed both teams.
Leicester looked to run out of steam from the 80th min onward, still a good start game for this season.
Same old problems, might have a lot of players , need some more quality, starting with a centre half and an ass kicking (literally) midfielder.  Still, welcome 3 points, onwards and hopefully upwards.
Claude's not so happy...

Yep that controlling hand ball by Ozil which lead to there 3 goal which did for the trying Leicester players that and I think going defensive was there undoing.
Best opening league match iv seen for years
Claude's not happy again...

Sitting in 11 place and playing Liverpool at pool today how do you see there chances, there fans still want him gone there in the same group as BATE Borisov, Cologne and Red Star Belgrade in the Europa League and the way there playing lately they not get through the first round
theres to meany of there players hiding and not pulling there weight .
I wish that was shocking but unfortunately not, just more of the same, where do you start?  Oh, I know, let's sign the best left wing back in Germany last year and not play him, instead we will put our right back at left back despite him being shit there last week and put ox at right back despite his habit of giving the ball away then watching the other team play.  Next we will leave our shiny record signing off a centre forward on the bench and play Danny Welbeck at centre forward despite him missing a host of chances in the first two games, law of averages, bound to score sometime just not today.  Two nil down at half time let's put on a defensive midfielder and take off the one midfielder likely to score (yeah he was shit first half but at least he didn't look like getting sent off like Xhaka.  Now we will turn this around, oh wait they scored again, I should reorganize, give instructions, get angry with these lazy disgraceful bastards, nah think I will look at the ground and bite my nails.  Wenger is not THE problem, the club is full of them, starting with silent Stan, Wenger, the dickhead who negotiates our buying/selling, wages and contract renewals-9 players out of contract next summer and 8 the next!  Then the players, lazy fucks, ox wants to go, see ya, average, always injured, another rvp without the talent.  Too many other things wrong, head sore.
(08-27-2017, 11:23 PM)glenman Wrote:  Too many other things wrong, head sore.

Arse must be sore after that royal rogering!!!

Claude not happy again, this guy have a heart attack before the season finishes..

The wrong selection players, out of position and general team spirit comes down to Wenger but like you say Glen the cracks are everywhere it seems , just lack ambition as a club. Have to feel for the supporters as one of the big 4 , you may be lucky to keep up the top half.

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