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Brighton 2017/18
Best of luck today Jake
Onlly justy seen this but Thanks GM and to you mate tommorrow.

Think we did ok , we never looked like scoring and it was damage limitiation to be honest, have to be more positive next time.
We need a striker , quick!!

No complaint with the score but good to get the first Prem game done and move on to Leicester lol.
Well I though you held them well for 2/3 of the game, but some of your team seemed to run out of steam and ponder on the ball and that cost you the first goal and that took the leash off them, still you did well when you think they are tipped to win the title, you had one or two chances but as you say your light in the scoring department (like we are I think) well done mate.
Nearly forgot about Brighton lol I'll have a wee peir next game ,Hove ye's have a good season, Albion again lol
Thanks bazz we really aren't playing well and look stage struck it has to change quickly. Hopefully we can get something agaianst Watford , a goal would be good to inspire the team I feel. Watford are playing well so we will see.
0-0 Your of the mark with a point Jake WBA home for you next, best of luck mate
Thanks GM we really should have got 3 points but even in the Championship we always struggled against 10 men and think we were playing better with 11 men apiece. Shocking tackle though and Knocky was lucky to carry on in that game let alone the rest of the season.

Onwards to West Brom and I feel a win is coming but they are playing very well at the moment.

We need a striker before that game, really are missing chances to get points on the board, every point matters.
Well played 3-1 win against WBA for you mind in the last 10 mins you pulled every one back and let them come at you which cost you a goal and some lucky escape, some of your players looked knackered some really stopped putting the effort in I think but you won and thats what counts, well played.
Thanks GM so glad to get that win under our belts and goals as well.
Pleased with the performance and like you say they gave everything, about bloody time.

We will see how we get on Friday against the Cherries but fancy some sort of result there now.
Best of luck for tonight's game Jake

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