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Newcastle 2017/18
Beat 0-2 a red card for for an idiot Shelvey, if you tap him on the head you'd hear the echo a mile away, a totally boring game by both teams, if this is what we have to expect this season I'll not be watching much of it, we had about as much go in us as zombie.
Spurs were a bit zombie-like too. Neither team came out of this match well.
Like you say GM  shelvey was an idiot and always is Jekyll and Hyde.
I also know what you mean as I wish teams would just go for it and give some value to the fans.
Emmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Shelvey needs shelved thats aboot it realy 
Ye's will be awreet bottom half
yet another poor performance for us we just don't look like a team that could win a game, what can you say, WE ARE RUBISH.
Like your honesty GM where as Hudds have hit the ground running us 2 seem to be scared stiff by it all. Things have to change quickly by both of us.
Well another defeat at home in the E.F.L Cup this time, by a championship club Nottingham Forest 2-3 after 1/2 hour extra time, we had as usual the second string team out and like all teams that do that start to worry around the last 15mins if they are behind or drawing and push some of there big guns out in the hope of snatching a winner, we did that and low and behold we still couldn't score, our defence was passed poor, we had chances but squandered them as usual, so Raffa has got a real problem now the Transfer window is starting to close, we need GOOD PLAYERS BADLY from were ? your guess is as good as mine, it doesn't look good.
your thin on the ground with good players greeny
True Dave, we had a better day with a 3-0 win with a handful of chances going begging still it should help with there confidence Swansea next for us away
Firstly, a much needed win but against a poor west ham side, It's difficult to know how good/bad we are. I think we're still a mid table side. Spurs loss was to be expected and Huddersfield, we missed a LOT of great chances.

Secondly. Why on earth he thinks getting rid of Mitrovic out on loan is anyone's guess. Gayle, I admit is worth sticking with after his championship season but I'm not sure he has it for the Prem. Time will tell but I think Mitrovic is the better player overall, holding up the play etc. He just needs games! Yes, some games he seems out of sorts but lots of players go through a period like that but I truly think Mitrovic is a top player, given the chance to have a run of games.

Finally. Ashley has to spend, or go. I have defended him in the past when securing the clubs finances and still think he was right to hold back and settle the club for a while. Obviously relegation was not planned and he should see that as something he doesn't want happening again. It's clear he lies to the managers about available funds and I think Rafa is being very diplomatic with his responses, when asked about transfer money. Ashley, it's time to cough up or go, it's that simple. We need a really creative midfielder of the likes of Cabaye, we need a solid left sided player, at the moment, that position seems open to anyone.

If we get mid table, I'll be happy. For now.

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