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Manchester United 2017/18
Winning good start 4-0 its early days but your looking good, well played.
(08-14-2017, 09:53 AM)Greenman Wrote: Winning good start 4-0 its early days but your looking good, well played.
Even Pog-Bar scored instead of hitting the cross bar. It was a good win & we played well.
Certainly looked good and played some good attacking football.
Done noo bad against a average at best team,Ye's need tae get aff tae a flyer, Nae Howard Webb 9/12 points  advantage lol
A win, what was looking like a 0-1 win, turned into a good 0-4 win for you after you Brough on the subs who put some life into your game, after your second goal Swansea seemed to loose interest for a while,
well played
Gotta laugh at all the gooners giving it...'it's only Swansea" only for the Yanited lads to give back 'it's only Stoke"

Rolling Rolling Tuxedo Worthy
These lower teams were the teams we could not beat last season. So this is a good improvement on the last 2 seasons
Definitely a better start to the season compared to last year's campaign,we have a long way to go,but hope to finish in a better position to last year.
your on a roll 2-0 over Leicester and sitting on top of the pile and Ibrahimovic back in the fold, things are looking good for you so far, best of luck there's a long way to go though.
Man. United won the first three games last season as well. The difference this season is that they aren't sitting back, passing from side to side for 20 minutes and trying to hold on to a 1-0 lead.

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