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Manchester Utd 2018/19 season
You got a draw 2-2 out of Chelsea way, that from a winning position, you let it slip away, if your man Pogba hadn't been gobbing off at your players instead of looking after Rüdiger like he was supposed to he wouldn't have got there goal on the 21st minute.
Your man Mourinho took the bait, after being tornted by Chelsea's coach, reacted with a violent onslort (what a fool).

You've got Juventus at home Tuesday, then Everton on Sunday at home, best of luck there.
A good win for you away to Bournemouth, 1-2 you lad Raashford nicked the points at the death for you. well played
A good effort for an away derby game,  score 3-1, sadly you were out played in all areas, for all you have a lot of expensive players, they were no match to the quality of City, now the question is, is it the player you have are over hiped or priced, or is it the manager not atuned to the Utd way of playing for all his experience he just can't get that team right, what do you think is wrong ?. 8th place in the table, this not were Utd  should be.

Next for you is Palace at home, who are struggling a bit so should be 3 points there, best of lads.

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