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Newcastle Utd 2018/19 season
Beat 1-2 by spurs we had chances, off the bar and posts, a good flowing game we need to take those goals-chances though they had 1st half we the 2nd but couldn't make it count, there's hope though.
Well, its Cardiff today I'm hoping for a win here, we've do well against them in passed game
Good luck GM, good chance to get some points on the board.
A draw 0-0, and we played poorly a red card for Hayden idiot, and Kenedy had a poor game + missed a pen in the last 30 secs of the game which would have given us a win,
We play Chelsea tomorrow, now we know if we play at our best we can beat them, it may be a tall order for us looking how we've started this season but you never know.
What a boring game, we played a 9 man defence for 3/4 of the game, very successfully I must say, but when you do that you aways invite a pen and thats what happened, Schar did get to the ball first before Alonso went down, a harsh pen I think, there 2nd a deflection of Yedlin's heel, we did start to play after there 1st goal and pulled 1 back proving they are not as good as they think, still it's another loss at home, putting us in the religation fight again this season !.

next its Forest in the EFL CUP Wednesday, then City away on Saturday.
No way was it a pen and hard done by but gave Chelski too much respect as we did Pool, have to have a go.

Good luck tonight and Saturday GM.
Another crap proformance form my team beat by N Forest 3-1 put out of the cup again by them,  Kenedy and Atsu were usless no real effort put in, I've no idea what is going worng at the club, I'm at a loss to know what it is.

If we play like that at City on Saturday I'll be expection a Cricket score line for them.
We lost 2-1, we are now in the drop zone, I was expecting it to be a bigger gap but we played ok, there 1st goal was a mistake by Lascelles just back and made a sloppy pass, Mendy intersepted passed to Serling, goal, there 2nd was an unstoppable  pile-driver by Walker of all people, ours was good, we countered with Yedlin's scoring using his pace.

Next is Arsenal at home
(09-02-2018, 10:55 AM)Greenman Wrote: Next is Arsenal at home

You'll batter them...


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