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Prem season 19/20 Man Utd
5 played so far Saints 1-1 Man utd, Man Utd 1-2 Palace, Wolves 1-1 Man utd, Man utd 4 - 0 Chelsea, ( Man Utd 2-2 AC Milan inter cham cup )
What a sad team Man Utd is to the teams of the past at this club, what's that down to,? players not willing to give there all, poor game planning and application of any plan, Lack of the right investment in the right players for a club of this stature, like Newcastle Utd profit before investment in quality players, and managers in and out of the door before his seat can get warm. sad, VERY for this club and fans who deserve better.
Way to go, boys, way to go, a 1-3 win and a jump to 7th place, well played
1 minute you look as though you've turned the corner and on a winning run, then Bournemouth 1-0 and you drop 3 places to 10th and you have a big pile of games on the way best of lads.
you got away with a draw 3-3 with Sheff Utd, it was looking bad for you at 2-0 when the kids turned up to put life into your game, well played the boys.
Well you managed to get a draw 2-2 against Villa at home, now I did mention to you that Grealish is in great form and should have been marked by 2 men when he got anywhere near the ball, you didn't and got punished every time he got it, still you've moved up to 9th place  on 18 points.

Next, you have Tottenham at home Wed 4th, then the big one, City away Saturday 7th, then AZ Alkmaar at home Thursday 12th, then Everton at home Sunday 15th, then Colchester Wednesday 18th EFL Cup, then Watford away 22nd then Newcastle at home 26th Burnley away 28th, so you have a very busy month ahead of you. best of for all those game except one of them.
Magic 1st half 2 up you could have been 4 up but the finishing of those 2 chances where wasted I never watched the 2nd half but it looks like city came out to play and pulled 1 back but a good win for you well played for an away game
What a calamity getting beat 2-0 by bottom club Watford the inconsistency in your team is a disgrace with the quality of players you have well you can start to redeem your selves when you play us next best of lads

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