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Premier League 2016/17
The smoggy's (Middlesbrough) are toasting the mackems (Sunderland 2-0 by half time  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Full time 2-1
Keep your hands off him "The Gunners want Newcastle United centre-back Chancel Mbemba, 22."

The summer transfer window in England, Scotland and Wales will close at the end of August.
WBA V Middlesbrough 0-0 canceled each other out not a lot up front from ether of them.
Man City v West Ham, 3-1 first half the Hammer just couldn't live with the speed, movement and accurate passing they were 1 up in 4 mins and that carry on for the hole of the half, the 2nd half the Hammers woke up and started to fight back and showed they could play to making city loose there way for a while but class will alway show through leaving City sitting pretty in the top slot by goal average with Chelsea, and Man u breathing down there necks.

Good entertaining game, well played Man City.
City look good and have to be the ones to beat. Pep seems to be getting the most out of certain players like Sterling for example.
Yes I noticed that, he seen to have learned a thing or too from him by the look of it, I think he's shaken them up as well as a lot of ins and out you go, still there's a long way to go yet.
What a poor proformance so far (first half) from Man city's goalie he's all over the place, going for ball he shouldn't, missing them, Man city had the game in the bag until the clown going for a ball he was never going get, I through Hart was stupid at time but so far this guy take the biscuit, lets see what happens in the second half.
Well his second half was no better the City defence hat to keep on rescuing him from his balls ups.

Good game end to end stuff at flat out speed, at lot was make of the Man u high advantage but it really didn't show, City had the letter of the skill side of it.
enjoyable game as a neutral 
score 1 - 2 city
Enjoyed that I only saw the second half though and missed the goals, but still enjoyed it lol. Thought was red card and penalty that but Clattenburg bottled it. 
Citeh the ones to beat it seems, can anyone stop them?
Swansea 2-2 Chelsea both played rough it could have went ether way Chelsea thought they had it in the bag at 0-1 but in the 2nd half Swan's came out to play and shocked Chelsea going in front 2-1 who went all out for and equaliser and win the Swan's weren't going to give in that ease. good game.
Very good game, Chelsea had so many chances to kill it off but well done Swansea.
Costa as always winding the fans and players up, but very good finish.

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